• Standing Up for You With State Agencies

    From the Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas Medical Board to the Health and Human Services Commission and the Higher Education Coordinating Board, state agencies have a tremendous amount of power to control physicians' practices. By watching what the agencies are doing, commenting on rules they propose to implement new laws, or fighting those rules in court, TMA leads the battle for physicians and their patients.

    Someone has to watch the agencies -- and here's where you can watch the watchers.

  • Our Latest Agency Actions for You

    • DPS Begins to Synch CSR-TMB Renewals
      Following a three-month delay, the Texas Department of Public Safety reports it is beginning to synchronize physicians' controlled substances registration expiration dates with their Texas Medical Board license expiration dates.
    • Projected ICD-10 Conversion Costs Triple
      The costs for physician practices to implement the federally mandated transition to the ICD-10 code set are three times earlier estimates, according to a new American Medical Association study.
    • TMA, AMA Tell Feds to Expedite RAC Audit Appeals
      It’s a terrible idea to announce a 28-month delay in handling appeals just as physicians’ frustration and ire with Medicare recovery audit contractors (RACs) are mounting, TMA, the American Medical Association, and nearly 100 other physician organizations told a federal official. They called for an immediate solution to the appeals hearings backlog that has caused the delay.
    • Board Pulls Plan for Pharmacists to Check Diagnoses
      The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) quickly killed a proposal that would have required pharmacists to contact the prescribing physician for each new patient with a prescription for a controlled substance. The decision came at a crowded TSBP meeting Feb. 11, 2014. "Another bureaucratic obstacle to medical practice has been stopped," said TMA General Counsel Donald "Rocky" Wilcox.
    • Updated Child Mental Health Guide Available
      Physicians who provide mental health care to children and adolescents have an updated, valuable resource at their fingertips. The 2013 version of Psychotropic Medication Utilization Parameters for Children and Youth in Foster Care is available on the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website.